Was Aaron Carter on the Masked Singer?

Aaron Carter was an American rapper, singer and actor born on 7th December 1987 who gained fame at a very early age with his pop and hip-hop singing. At just 7 years of age he started performing and at 9 years of age he started his self debut album with a million copies being sold. Aaron Carter had seen appearing in Dancing with the Stars. On 5th November 2022 he was found dead at his home.

Was Aaron Carter on the Masked Singer
Aaron Carter

Was Aaron Carter on the Masked Singer? – No, Aaron Carter was not on the Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer is an American singing reality competition television series aired first on 2nd February 2019. It is based on King of Mask Singer by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. The Masked Singer is hosted by Nick Cannon and has some number of panelists.

Was Aaron Carter on the Masked Singer 1
The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer features the celebrities singing songs with head to toe covered costumes and also face mask to hide their identities. The host and the panelists guess the celebrity singer’s identity by the help of the clues provided to them. The celebrities perform and the audience vote for their favorite singer after the performances. The least popular singer or the one with the least number of votes gets eliminated and reveal their identity, by taking off their masks.

Recently the 8th season has been aired from 21st September 2022 on Fox. The 7th episode is all set to be aired on 6th November 2022. Leslie Jordan, one of the guest panelist who will be participating in the 7th episode has died in a car accident on 24th October 2022, will make the first posthumous appearance in the series.

Was Aaron Carter on the Masked Singer 2
Leslie Jordan

Was Aaron Carter on the Masked Singer?


Aaron Carter had done which reality show?

House of Carters

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