‘This is so HORRIFYING…’, Shikhar Dhawan appeals to STOP ‘brutal killings’ in Kerala

Indian cricketer and opening batter Shikhar Dhawan condemned the mass dog killings in Kerala. A new kind of conflict is taking place in the state where the humans are fighting their ‘best friends’ dogs in the streets of Kerala. There have been various incidents on dogs attacking humans, especiall children in the streets and citizens have been forced to take this matter in their hand to stop such attacks. But the way that has been chosen is inhumand too as Kerala has reported dog killings happening on a mass scale. 

A video recently went viral in which a dog, who was accused of biting many, was beaten to death. In southern districts, people are feeding poison to dogs. 

The conflict has come to notice of Dhawan, who is a dog lover and he could not stop himself from tweeting about the sad series of events happening in God’s Own Country. He tweeted out that dog killings are a horrific act and they must stop this practice.  “This is so horrifying that mass killing of dogs in #kerala is taking place. I would request to reconsider such moves and put an end to these brutal killings,” Dhawan tweeted. 

Check out Shikhar Dhawan’s tweet on mass killings od dogs in Kerala below:

But the anger in people has been spreading the demand for killing of dogs like a wildfire. 

Kozhikode Mayor Beena Philip was against the mass killings but she now says that if humans are attacked, they have every right to defend themselves. “When our own children are attacked by dogs in this manner, if people react in this manner, they cannot be blamed. I am not in favour of killing dogs nor would I justify it. But in the prevailing situation, I cannot blame the people either,” she told a TV channel as per livemint.

Hopefully, in days to come, the authorities will find a better way to deal with the situation as killing of dogs is not the way to stop the attacks. 


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