Shrinivasa Ramanujan Cause of Death


  Shrinivasa Ramanujan Cause of Death – Shrinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22nd December in Erode, Madras Presidency. Ramanujan’s father worked as a clerk in a saree shop and mother was a housewife who sang at a local temple. He was an Indian mathematician who solutions to mathematical problems which was considered unsolvable.

 Ramanujan credited all his mathematical capacities to divinity,and even said that his knowledge was revealed to him by family goddess Namagiri Thayar. He said, ”An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God. 

Ramanujan suffered from health problems throughout his life. In 1917 he had contracted tuberculosis, but his condition improved sufficiently for him to return to India in 1919. He died the following year



Ramanujan studied in Kumbakonam for his primary education. He had no issues for traditional education as he had a great attachment for mathematics. Later he was admitted in Tamil medium school and then in Town High School. He even studied at Government Arts College, Pachaiyappa’s College and Trinity College.



Ramanujan’s contribution have influenced several areas of mathematics, but his famous contribuitions to number theory and infinite series are among the most fascinating formulas which could be used to calculate digits and pi.


* He discovered a long list of new ideas to solve many challenging mathematical problems, which gave a significant impetus to the development of game theory. His contributions to game theory is purely based on intuition and natural talent and remains unrivalled to this day.

* He compiled around 3,900 results consisting of equations and identities. One of his most treasured findings was his infinite series of pi. This series forms the basis of many algorithms we used today. He also gave several fascinating formulas to calculate the digits of pi in many unconventional ways.

* 1729 is known as the Ramanujan number which is the sum of the cubes of the two numbers 10 and 9. As 1729 comes by adding 1000 (the cube of 10) and 729 (the cube of 9) is the smallest number that can be expressed in two different ways as it is the sum of these two cubes.

* He described the mock theta function, which is a concept in the realm of modular form in mathematics as holomorphic parts of mass forms.

* His notebooks discovered by George Andrews in 1976 in the library at Trinity College were published in a book.

* His contributions stretch across mathematics fields, including complex analysis, number theory, infinite series and continued fractions.



Ramanujan machine is a specialized software package, developed by a team of scientists to discover new formulas in mathematics. It’s named so as it imitates the thought process of Ramanujan in his discovery of hundreds of formulas. The machine has produced several conjectures in the form of continued fraction expansions of expressions involving some of the important constants, some of the conjectures produced by him have subsequently been proved true while others remains as conjectures. His machine is a harbinger of a new methodology of doing mathematics as said by an Israeli mathematician.

Shrinivasa Ramanujan Cause of Death

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