Queen Elizabeth II wrote a SECRET LETTER to Australia that is LOCKED inside a vault and can’t be opened UNTIL…

Sydney: Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday at the age of 96, had written a secret letter to Australia, which is locked inside a vault in Sydney and cannot be opened for 63 years! According to 7NEWS Australia, the letter that has been safely kept inside a vault in a historic building in Sydney was written by the late British Monarch in November 1986 and is addressed to the people of Sydney.

7NEWS Australia reports that nobody, not even the Queen’s personal staff, is aware of the contents of the letter because it is hidden inside a glass case in a secure location. One thing is for sure: it can`t be opened until 2085, it added.

Addressed to the Lord Mayor of Sydney, the instruction reads: “On a suitable day to be selected by you in the year 2085 AD, would you please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message to them.”

It is simply signed, “Elizabeth R.” As head of state, Queen Elizabeth II visited Australia 16 times.

“From her famous first trip to Australia, the only reigning sovereign to ever visit, it was clear Her Majesty held a special place in her heart for Australia,” Albanese said in a statement on Friday.

“Fifteen more tours before cheering crowds in every part of our country confirmed the special place she held in ours,” added Albanese.

In 1999 Australia held a referendum on whether to remove the Queen as head of state, but it was defeated, reported CNN. On Friday, Sydney`s iconic Opera House was lit with a tribute to the Queen. Neighbouring commonwealth country New Zealand Sunday also officially proclaimed King Charles III as its head of state in a televised ceremony, reported CNN.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Australia proclaimed King Charles III as the head of state, the first new monarch in 70 years. 

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