Omicron virus : Signs and symptoms

 World Health Organization (WHO) designated a variant of concern named Omicron which is at high infection risk. At the same time WHO have asked the people not to panic but instead follow all the Covid protocols and get vaccinated as soon as possible. 

 Signs and Symptoms of the Omicron may be as :

• Extreme fatigue

• Fever

• Body aches

• Headache

• Night sweats

• Runny nose

• Scratchy throat

 Patients suffering from Omicron do not have any constant cough or loss of taste or smell – symptoms commonly associated with previous strains of COVID-19, for which one main reason can be due to the changes in the way the virus interacts with the immune cells. 

 Differences in our immune responses may also be the reason why two individuals don’t experience the same symptoms if infected with the same virus or virant. 

 There are also patients with mild symptoms the reason for which may be that they are vaccinated or the people catching it may be younger. 

The Union Health Ministry of India said that two cases of Omicron were discovered in the country. Lav Agarwal, the Joint Secretary of the Union Health Ministry confirmed both the cases to be of Karnataka. 

 A 66 year old South African National, who returned home last week and a 46 year old doctor at a private hospital in Bengaluru with no travel history was detected of the new variant Omicron. 

 5 contacts of the 46 year old doctor have been tested positive and quarantined at the same time in a government hospital at Bengaluru. A total of 218 contacts of the doctor have been tested and two primary contacts along with three secondary contacts have tested positive according to the officials. None of the 264 contacts of the 66 year old South African who returned to South Africa tested positive. 

  As the 46 year old man had no travel history, it has resulted in an alarm in the city of the possible existence of the variant in more people in the city. 

 Government has said that the people must get double vaccinated as soon as possible. The decision of the duration between the doses is based on scientific data and local data in a systematic manner and there is no change in the present duration. 

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