Murder in Provence Cast

Murder in Provence Cast – Murder in Provence is a British English language series released in the year 2022. It is a mystery, crime drama series. Murder in Provence is directed by Chloe Thomas, Steve Barron; written by Shelagh Stephenson, MI Longworth; produced by Grainne Marmion; starring Roger Allam, Nancy Carroll, Patricia Hodge. It was released on 28th February 2022.

Cast of Murder in Provence
Murder in Provence

Murder in Provence Cast

Directed byChloe Thomas
Steve Barron
Written byShelagh Stephenson
MI Longworth
Produced byGrainne Marmion
Music byMiguel d’Oliveria
Cinematography byAnnemarie Lean Vercoe
Edited byJim Page
Jeremy Strachan
Murder in Provence Crew

Murder in Provence Cast

  • Roger Allam as Antonie Verlaque
  • Nancy Carroll as Marine Bonnet
  • Patricia Hodge as Florence Bonnet
  • Keala Settle as Helene Paulik
  • Kristy Bushell as Sylvie
  • Geff Francis as Francois Roussell
  • Samuel Barnett as Didier Laurent
  • Jeremy Clyde as Georges Moutte
  • Scott Chambers as Claude Ossarte
  • Paul Bazely as Bernard Rodier
  • Benedict Clarke as Yann Falquero
  • Shadrach Agozino as Thierry Marchive
  • Yasmin Taheri as Garrigues Druon
  • Jasmine Hyde as Annie Leonetti
  • Leila Mimmack as Audrey Zacharie
  • Richard Sargent as Christophe Lemoine
  • Ben Jones as Guiseppe Rocchia
  • Louise Delamere as Claire Rocchia
  • Oliver Alvin-Wilson as Luc Martinez
  • Liran Nathan as Patrick
  • Rachel Mariam as Clemence Elliot
  • Asheq Akhtar as Lionel Monetti
  • John Light as Dr. Marcell Vannier
  • Jonathan Aris as Lucien de Bremont
  • Lizzy McInnerny as Maria Pogarovsky
  • Sara Powell as Cosette Faraud
  • Cara Horgan as Elodie Liotta
  • Melanie Gutteridge as Beatrice de Keppel Valois
  • Ashley Russell as Etienne de Bremont
  • Thomas Vernal as Jean-Claude Faraud
  • Damola Adelaja as Lucas
  • Max Gold as Lever Pogarovsky
  • Nico Rao Pimpare as Kamel Lachella
  • Jon Digby as Marc Nagel
  • Mark Adams as Yves Mandani
  • Ruth Clarson-Horrocks as Diner
  • Will Rowland as Diner
  • Stephen Samson as Mourner
  • Julia Westcott-Hutton as Diner
  • Christophe Tek as Philippe Leridon
  • Samantha Johnson as Crying Mourner

Which town is Murder in Provence filmed?


Who is the mother in Murder in Provence?

Florence Bonnet

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