Major Dundee Cast

Major Dundee Cast – Major Dundee is an American English language film released in the year 1965. It is directed by Sam Peckinpah; story by Harry Julian Fink; produced by Jerry Bresler; starring Charlton Heston, Richard Harris, Jim Hutton, James Coburn, Michael Anderson Jr. Mario Adorf, Brock Peters, Senta Berger. Major Dundee has a screen running time of 123 minutes and was released on 15th March 1965.

Major Dundee Cast
Major Dundee

Major Dundee Crew

Directed bySam Peckinpah
Story byHarry Julian Fink
Produced byJerry Bresler
Production houseJerry Bresler Productions
Screenplay byHarry Julian Fink
Oscar Saul
Sam Peckinpah
Cinematography bySam Leavitt
Edited byHoward Kunin
William A. Lyon
Donald W. Starling
Music byDaniele Amfitheatrof
Christopher Caliendo
Major Dundee Crew

Major Dundee Cast

Charlton Heston as Major Amos Charles Dundee
Richard Harris as Captain Benjamin Tyreen
Jim Hutton as Lieutenant Graham
James Coburn as Samuel Potts
Michael Anderson Jr. as Trooper Tim Ryan
Senta Berger as Teresa Santiago
Mario Adorf as Sergeant Gomez
Warren Oates as O.W. Hadley
Ben Johnson as Sergeant Chillum
R. G. Armstrong as Reverend Dahlstrom
L. Q. Jones as Arthur Hadley
Slim Pickens as Wiley
Dub Taylor as Benjamin Priam
John Davis Chandler as Jimmy Lee Benteen
Karl Swenson as Captain Frank Waller
Albert Carrier as Captain Jacques Tremaine
Michael Pate as Sierra Charriba
José Carlos Ruiz as Riago
Begoña Palacios as Linda
Aurora Clavel as Melinche
Enrique Lucero as Doctor Aguilar
Francisco Reiguera as Old Apache

Who directed the film Major Dundee?

Samuel Peckinpah 

Where was Major Dundee filmed?


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