June Brown Family

June Muriel Brown popularly known as June Brown was born on 16th February 1927 at England. She was an actress and an author by profession. Her best role was as Dot Cotton on the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

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June Brown’s family comprised of her parents Louisa Ann and Henry William Melton Brown. She was among her five siblings, along with her younger brother John Peter, who died of pneumonia in the year 1932 at barely 15 days old.

June Brown tied the knot with John Garley, an actor in the year 1950. Their marriage lasted for 8 years, as John left the world in the year 1957 due to depression. She has no child from her first marriage with John Garley.

June found her love again in Robert Arnold and married him in the year 1958. The couple stayed together for 45 years, but Robert died of Lewy-body dementia in the year 2003. After that June lived her life alone in Surrey.

June with her second husband Robert Arnold, had six children in seven years.

Their first child was Louise in the year 1959.

Their second child was Chloe who was a pre mature child, who was kept under an incubator but destiny had some other plans and she left June Brown in a month.

Their third child was June in the year 1961.

Their fourth child was Sophie in the year 1962.

Their fifth child was Williams, who is a compilance consultant.

Their sixth child was Naomi in the year 1966, she is a producer.

June Brown also have six grand children.

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June Brown breathed her last on 3rd April 2022, at the age of 95.

When did June Brown leave EastEnders?

She officially left in the year 2020.

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