Imran’s foreign conspiracy claim ‘biggest drama’ in Pak history: Maryam Nawaz

Islamabad: Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan staged “the biggest drama in the history of Pakistan” under the name of a foreign conspiracy, said PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz on Monday as she slammed him during a public rally and lashed out at PTI chief for “ignoring” Punjab province. This scathing attack comes in the wake of the by-polls on the 20 vacant seats of the Punjab Assembly scheduled to take place on July 17. 

Addressing an election rally in Lahore, Maryam accused Imran Khan`s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of ignoring the country`s most populous province with 120 million people. She said that the biggest scandals in Pakistan`s history surfaced during the PTI tenure. 

“LNG scandal, Bushra Bibi involvement, sugar scandal you name it… all these scandals came during Imran Khan`s government.” “Unfortunately, Pakistani politics met with a person who is the biggest liar, chaos-maker and imposter. He used to say to people that we are US slaves. He kept people busy with his conspiracy claims. This is the biggest drama in Pakistan`s history,” she was quoted as saying by Pakistan Today.

She said that Imran Khan and his gang, which included Imran Khan`s wife Bushra Bibi, plundered the resources of Punjab province. “Punjab was like an orphan during the PTI tenure. But now lion is back and Punjab will progress as it used to in the past.”

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In the run-up to the by-polls, Imran Khan is also on the campaign trail. During a recent rally, the former Pakistan PM cautioned his party workers regarding possible rigging in the elections.Last week, Imran Khan asked his supporters to be wary of rigging during the election in Punjab as “the umpires” sided with the Shehbaz Sharif-led government.

“We have 20 by-elections [coming up] in Punjab. The only way they can win is through the rigging. The people are against them, [but] the umpires are with them,” Khan said as quoted by Dawn newspaper.

He was addressing a public gathering of his party at Islamabad`s Parade Ground against inflation, political destabilisation, excessive load-shedding and continued hikes in fuel prices. The PTI chief said that they have to win the election despite the fact that “umpires” are with the government.”No matter what tactic they use … whether they rig the election or use the police, the nation will never accept them,” Imran said referring to the government, which he often referred to as “imported” and also claimed that the US had imposed this government through a “conspiracy.”He insisted that only free and fair elections could address the issues being faced by Pakistan.

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