DNA Exclusive: Temple attack in UK a big conspiracy against Hinduism?

New Delhi: Hindu temples and Hinduism in England have been under constant threat since nearly a month after the reports of temple vandalism and violence have surfaced. In a recent event, a Shiva temple in Leicester was reportedly vandalised three days ago by Muslim fundamentalists. Reports have claimed that two temples have been attacked by Muslim radicals in three days. The continuous reports of violence have further diverged the two communities, and a picture of communal turmoil has been noticed in Britain. 

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan analyses about how a big conspiracy has been fabricated against hinduism by Islamic fundamentalists in Britain.

After the India-Pakistan match on August 28 when Pakistan lose to India, tensions have been escalated in Britain. The situation in Leicester worsen to an extent that Hindu-Muslim clashes surfaced. A mob of Muslim youngsters reportedly attempted to frighten the Hindu community by causing a commotion in front of the temple. 

Symbol of Hinduism, the saffron flag over a temple in Leicester was burnt and torn by the Islamic radicals. This violence was a clear attempt against Hindus. These incidents shows that a big conspiracy is being hatched against Hinduism in the country.

The attack on the Leicester temple was a well-planned plot. However, it was described as rage following the loss of the match. But, the violence in Durga temple in Birmingham demonstrates that a large plot of violence is being organised against Hinduism in England. In the guise of Hindutva and the BJP, it is being shaped into a communal colour.

Despite condemning the incident in its entirety, British Muslim Council showed their hypocrisy by firstly defending accused Muslim youths before condemning the attack on the temple and Hindu symbols. Watch tonight’s edition of DNA for more in-depth information and other details.


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