DNA Exclusive: An analysis of Iran hijab protests and K’taka hijab row

New Delhi: Protests erupted in Iran after a 22-year-old woman was allegedly killed in police custody after she was held for not covering her head properly. Mahasa Amini, on Sept. 13, had come to Tehran with her family. She was wearing a hijab but according to reports, her hair was visible from the hijab on her head. For this reason, some hijab-wielding women and Iran police forcibly caught Mahasa and beat her to death.

Women in Iran began cutting their hair and burning hijabs as a mark of protest. These women want to take the hijab away from their lives.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan analyses the religious significance of the hijab and whether it truly stems from Islam. 


Many believe that direct mention of words like hijab and burqa are not there in the Quran, the holy religious book of Islam. They have been replaced by words like khimmer and jibab, which mean… women covering their heads and faces. However, some people don’t agree with this. And think hijab stems from the Quran. 

Meanwhile, this brings up the questions on the hijab row in Karnataka. Those who argued in favour of wearing hijabs stated that the reason as “pressure from parents” or “religious pressure” fall into the category of taking away the decision from the women. So, it doesn’t make sense when the same individuals criticize the compulsory hijab mandate on women.

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