Conagher Cast

Conagher is an American English language, Western television film released in the year 1991. The television film is based on Louis L’Amour’s novel Conager of 1969. It is directed by Reynaldo Villalobos, produced by John A Kuri and Sam Elliot which stars Sam Elliot, Katharine Ross, Barry Corbin, Ken Curtis, Buck Taylor, Dub Taylor and James Gammon. The television film was released on 1st July 1991 with a screen running time of 117 minutes.

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Conagher Crew

Directed byReynaldo Villalobos
Written byLouis L’Amour
Jeffrey M. Meyer
Sam Elliott
Katharine Ross
Produced byJohn A Kuri
Sam Elliot
Production houseImagine Entertainment
Turner Pictures
CinematographyJames R. Bagdonas
EditorZach Staenberg
Music byJ. A. C. Redford

Conagher Cast

Sam Elliott as Conn Conagher

sam 2

Katharine Ross as Evie Teale


Barry Corbin as Charlie McCloud, Stage Driver


Gavan O’Herlihy as Cris Mahler, Cowboy

Billy “Green” Bush as Jacob Teale

Ken Curtis as Seaborn Tay, Cattle Rancher

Paul Koslo as Kiowa Staples

Daniel Quinn as Johnny McGivern

Pepe Serna as Casuse (Ladder Five Rider)

Buck Taylor as Tile Coker (Ladder Five Rider)

Dub Taylor as Station Agent

Cody Braun as Laban Teale

Anndi McAfee as Ruthie Teale

James Gammon as Smoke Parnell (Ladder Five Owner)

Angelique L’Amour as Stage Passenger

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