BREAKING: BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah’s terms extended by 3 years after Supreme Court order

BCCI’s proposed change in its constitution was accepted by Supreme Court on Wednesday (September 14). This decision by SC has cleared the way for BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and BCCI secretary Jay Shah among other office bearers to extend their term. The SC has allowed the BCCI to make amendments to the constitution which will eventually allow an extended tenure of 3 years to the president and secretary. Ganguly and Shah’s term had come to an end last month. 

“It has been submitted that this provision should be modified to reflect that it comes into effect after an office bearer has completed 2 consecutive terms. In other words, BCCI and State association office bearers would have to complete cooling off periods only,” said the court order. 

The court also ordered that in the days to come, now a BCCI administrator will have to take a cooling off period only after 2 consecutive terms (which will be of 3 years each), be it a state association or in the BCCI.

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